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It's created by the same designer but has a lighter tone (imagine Indiana Jones on a sinking island) and slightly easier rules (great for couples with kids). If you get the game and really love it, you can even get the Takenoko: Chibis expansion to give the panda a lady friend and über-cute panda babies.In Carcassonne you and your partner compete to become the most successful city planner as you design a city in the French countryside.Pandemic feels like a race-against-the-clock puzzle in which careful planning and flawless teamwork are critical. Takenoko is a beautiful game all about farming bamboo and keeping a hungry panda satisfied.If you like the sound of Pandemic but the price or theme are getting you down, check out its little cousin Forbidden Island. While players aren't working together, they don't ever fight each other directly, so Takenoko strikes a perfect balance between competitive play and good, quality couple time.My brother-in-law pointed me in his direction when I asked him for tips on more board games that would help couples flirt and smack talk—and boy, does Daniels know his stuff.Daniels says he's always loved board games, beginning with his family game night when he was growing up.

There is a whole world of non-computerized games that are less about figuring out strategy and more about figuring out your partner—and sounds like my idea of playful fun.

It made for a night of laughter and frustration as I tried to get inside the inner workings of my husband's head.

having the time to while away the hours over a silly board game, and with all the things on our to-do lists these days, I understand the sentiment.

Instead, what you now see most often are the boring ones – “How was your day? He or she will then reply, adding on to your original message.

Eventually, the 2-way exchange will accumulate and grow into a story.

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