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In addition, please keep in mind that these are general guidelines and that there are always exceptions to the rule.

For example, you may have a baseball that exhibits tremendous overall color and eye appeal yet the pre-printed area or stamping may show signs of fading beyond the acceptable guidelines within a particular grade.

Keep in mind that grading often comes down to eye appeal so the graders may make exceptions based on the overall strength of the eye appeal, despite technical fading of the pre-printed stamping.

In the case where our experts determine that one or more signatures have been removed from a ball, that ball can no longer qualify as Single Signed by PSA.

The lack of eye appeal can affect the grade of the autograph and/or the overall grade.

Much like the above-mentioned issue of Sweet Spot versus Side Panel autographs, PSA will not view this issue as a factor in the grading process.

For example, it is not uncommon to see a vintage Babe Ruth autographed ball with additional notations placed on the ball by the person who obtained it.

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For example, if a pen is running low on ink or working improperly, some signers will go back and retrace over the beginning of the autograph to make it uniformly bold.

For example, let's say that a ball was signed "To Johnny, Merry Christmas, Babe Ruth." If the "Babe Ruth" portion is extremely strong but the inscription exhibits more flaws, the autograph still has a chance of reaching a relatively high-grade since more weight is given to the signature itself than the inscription.

This approach would include Stat Balls (where players fill the panels with their various achievements) as well.

In other words, PSA will not make any decisions based on market values or rarity.

So, in turn, it is very possible to receive a PSA grade of "9" on a Youth League baseball and a "7" on an Official League ball because PSA is focused entirely on the condition of the item.

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