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When my friend asked the donors how they disbursed their funds, they were a little vague. If girls want to send me a naked picture, I’m not going to say no.” Women are free to request any amount of money for any kind of image or video, and donors are often happy to oblige.

“Some women go on and are like, I’ll show you a video of me masturbating for 0,” said the college student. The most ambitious women participate in the aforementioned donor-generated contents.

It’s easy to forget that MFI is designed to help women undergo a fairly serious and unnecessary surgery.

Moore notes that although MFI can’t legally provide medical advice, the website does point out the possibility of implant rejection or revision, in which an implant is replaced or deflated.

When you first log on to My Free Implants, it looks more or less like any other straight dating site.

Hundreds of women stare out at you from profile pictures, trying to look alluring or friendly, offering personal information both quirky (“I currently own two dogs, two cats, two mice, and a deaf ferret”) and inane (“I have a lot of passion for life”).

The women’s interests vary, but their intent is uniform: They all invite you to chat, to send pictures, to discuss your interests with them. That is the goal behind the website: to match up women (“the girls”) with benefactors (“the donors”) who will cover the costs of breast augmentation surgery.

And MFI releases Boob Bank funds only to board-certified cosmetic surgeons.Almost all implants leak at some point, many within about a decade of surgery.A broken saline implant can leak bacteria or mold into the body; a broken silicone implant can leak liquid silicone that is taken up by the patient’s liver and lymph nodes.If all goes well, her before-and-after pictures, along with a Q&A, enter the hallowed MFI Hall of Fame.MFI’s founders claim that about 1,100 women have received implants through the website, and a quick glance through its hall of fame seems to confirm that.Within seconds, she can start updating her status and chatting with donors.If she’s feeling ambitious, she can participate in one of the many “contests” set up by donors.When my friend signed up, one open contest promised 0 to the woman who could prove she had “the best ass on MFI.” One offered for the most delicious-looking picture of a hamburger (that’s not some arcane slang term—really, just a hamburger). The founders of MFI, Jay Moore and Jason Grunstra, remain largely laissez-faire about users’ activities; their online conduct isn’t regulated or censored by the site.(The only rule is that users not meet up in real life, purportedly out of concern of the women’s safety—although real-world encounters would presumably also negate the need to use the site.) And the model seems to be working: Today the site has about 13,500 active users—3,500 women and 10,000 men.To find the answer, I entreated a female friend to become an MFI girl for a day and learn the tricks of the trade.(Don’t worry about the donors; their money is returned if the recipient quits the site.) As soon as my friend signed up, she received a message from a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

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